Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disheartenment to Cheerfulness

  • Don't engage too many thoughts on the 'reasons' behind situations;
  • Work on the solutions.
  • Maintain elevated good feelings for the family and world
  • Their nature should not change your sanskars.
  • Use the course of realisation to end yours and others' weaknesses.
  • Your right mind hold all the answers
  • My cheerful face will end the sorrow of others and spread peace.
  • Cheerfulness is the result of diving into true knowledge.
  • My face can bloom when I maintain an spiritual stage and spiritual outlook.
  • Look closely at your personality: remember whose child you are.
  • The nourishment of happiness makes us strong on the service field.
  • I can only share when my treasure-store of happiness is full.
  • Do not accept even a 'pinch of sorrow' from people or situations.
  • Follow God's elevated teachings and you will never have to lower your head.
  • Inner stability means neither arrogance nor low self-esteem.
  • Visualise the world through your Third Eye and as Knower of Three aspects of Time.
  • Earn an income naturally by valuing all the attainments received through humanity.

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