Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where are you God?

Where are you God?
I need to know.
How do I find you?
Where should I look or go?

God answered,

"I am the air and a breeze.
I am the tall majestic trees.
I am the west, east, south, and north.
I am the sky, heaven, and earth.
I am the bright morning star.
I am the strength you need when opening a jar.
I am the enchanting moonlight and radiant sun.
I am the Almighty One.
I am the Artist that painted nature's canvas.
I am the man, woman or child you walk past.
I am the wind that kisses your cheek.
I am the creator of the seven days of the week.
I am the first and the last.
I am the present and the past.
I am the breath you take.
I am the ocean, sea, bay and lake.
I am the only way.
I am the night and day.
I am the truth, life and vine.
I am the judge of all mankind.
I am the destructive hurricane and tornado.
I am the cause of many calamities and fiascos.
I am the light of the world.
Did I answer your question my child, my girl?"

"So, my child, just remember that I am always around.
And that my greatness and splendor can always be found.
Spread this revelation and goods news all over town.
Go and let your poetry be like a trumpet sound."

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